More Business Through Networking

Want More Business Through Networking?

In this classic video, I explain a proven way to get more business through networking.  I also discuss the results from a survey I conducted.

Everyone wants to be successful in or at something in their life. Success is determined largely by hard work, but also by good choices. Everyone feels like they deserve better at some point. Get over it. The most successful people plan their work and work their plan. They put serious effort into making good choices and carrying them through. Therefore, if you spend more time doing one thing, you will get more business through networking.

The Secret to Getting More Business through Networking

I’ve been asked time and time again by people all over the world what I consider to be the secret to getting more business.  I can, without a doubt, say that there is, indeed, one thing you can do to get more business from your networking efforts.  However, do you know what it is?  The answer may surprise you . . .

Watch the video and then take a minute to leave a comment if you have the time . . . I’d love to hear what some of your guesses were in regard to what the “secret” to getting more business through networking was going to be.  Chances are, some of the guesses you came up with are pretty good networking tactics as well and it would be great to get a conversation going about them!

6 thoughts on “Want More Business Through Networking?

  1. Thanks, Mr. Ivan for clearing my doubt and uploading this video. I got the answer to my question asks you.
    time in networking is directly proportionate to the business.

  2. First of all, thank you, Dr. Misner, for the abundance of material available to BNI members. Since the “pause” started, I am spending 25-30 hrs a week on BNI activities (CEUs, 1-to-1s, proactively looking for opportunities to find high-quality referrals to other chapter members, and identifying potential visitors to invite. I am also fine-tuning my weekly presentations to be more specific and am seeing an increase in referrals to me. So I am a true believer of the process and the value dedicated to networking. The question is: how to motivate the other members to spend more time in these activities?

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