Walking My Path

Last week I was out walking and recorded this video.
I thought you might like to see it.

I believe that you’ve got to take time to take care.

How do you take time for yourself?




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One thought on “Walking My Path

  1. Darwin did something similar, I think – he had a walking path built around his property. (I don’t get the feeling that you are the hypochondriac he was, though, thank God!)

    Since I’ve been working at home – first, as an employee at a 9-to-5 job when the lockdown was imposed on us, now (in the this past year) as a self-employed entrepreneur in my retirement years (nowhere near ready to retire – it took me about a year to find a walking circuit in my town that suits me. It’s about a mile and a half through my neighborhood to the “head of the lake” – 250-acre Lake Quannapowitt adjacent to our downtown – then back to town along the lake shore (town-provided wide sidewalk – everybody in town walks this lake), to the post office, then past the police station to our home.

    I like seeing the wildlife along the lake – swans, geese, ducks, loons, eagles, ospreys, other species of hawks, gulls, song birds of all kinds, turtles and frogs, and some large fish whose sighting is only large ripples where they just rose to a fly. The first part of the walk heads north, protected by residences; the second part heads south, so that when a cold wind comes off the lake, it’s at my back. About 3 miles total, which gives me plenty of time to noodle.

    These days, noodling is important.

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