Vitality + Health = Greater Success in Business

As this is a blog about business and networking, you may be wondering why some of my recent blogs have seemed to have a fairly apparent focus on health.  I think the video I’m sharing with you today should answer that question for those of you who may wondering.  Over the past couple of years, I have indeed become quite an advocate of the importance of health in regard to achieving success and there is good reason behind that.

In this short video, I talk with my good friend Lise Janelle, renowned success coach for companies & entrepreneurs across the world, about the role that vitality and health play in achieving ultimate productivity and success in business.

Lise offers three keys to achieving vitality and explains why it is important not only for business owners, but also for all of their employees, to focus on staying healthy and engaged in order for any given business to truly thrive.

After watching the video, if you’d like to find out more about Lise Janelle and how she helps businesses and people alike to achieve their full potential, please visit

To find out more about the book I mention in the video, The Misner Plan: How We Healed Cancer Naturally with Food, Nutrition, and Healthy Living , please click here.  If you’d like to learn more about the Misner Plan, please visit

Do you have certain habits and/or tactics you employ to stay healthy?  Do you  have specific ways of making sure you stay connected to your core values?  I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts on this and, also, if you have questions pertaining to this topic, I highly encourage you to ask them!  I am more than happy to do a future blog addressing your questions and to consult with Lise about them in order to get you the best answers possible.


3 thoughts on “Vitality + Health = Greater Success in Business

  1. I couldn’t agree more. With out health it is hard to enjoy success. One important factor of health is proper weight.
    For this I offer a free app If you need to shed a few pounds take a look.

  2. I wish I had known about this about 6 years ago. At that time I discovered I had a squamous cell carcinoma with HPV16 on the very base of my tongue. How I found it is a long story, but suffice to say it scared me a bit. It was already type 2 stage 3 and treatment started right away. After all I went through, I would have much preferred a more natural course of action. Would it have worked for me? We’ll never know, but in hindsight I might have been tempted to at least try.
    In the ensuing treatment time I lost 60 pounds (good thing I was overweight to start) and ended up at 153 lbs. Also, I had been diabetic, controlled with medication and diet. Before treatment I had to discontinue those meds and now, 6 years later, I still don’t need them. I will always be a diabetic but no longer have the symptoms. Keeping to a healthy diet with good sleep and some exercise, and keeping the weight off seems to be keeping the wolves at bay.
    I wish I could say this was all due to the Misner Plan, but maybe I have been doing it after the fact. If I was not healthy, I couldn’t do my business and you can’t either. Thanks for the update, Dr. Misner.

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