Top Blogging Tips from Web Expert Jarrett Gucci

Using a Blog to Build Your Brand?–Top Tips for a Better Blog


In this video, my good friend Jarret Gucci, who is also the web expert credited with building this blog site and helping me to “make it work,” explains the two most powerful ways to make your blog better.

If you’re one of the many businesspeople around the world who utilizes blogging to build your brand, don’t be shy . . . after you watch the video, leave a comment letting the rest of us know what you’ve done to make your blog work. I get really inspired when I hear creative new ways of improving things to get better results and I know the rest of the readers of this blog will be inspired by your ideas too!

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17 thoughts on “Using a Blog to Build Your Brand?–Top Tips for a Better Blog

  1. I write about attention deficit disorder and include tips I use in coaching people with ADHD that help deal with challenges of time management and organization. I think people read my blog because it shows up on my linked in page where I’m groups that have a similar focus. My blog is linked to my website and facebook, too.

  2. Dr. Misner, we could all take some pointers from you and your writing skills. Many people are intimidated to blog because they think they need to write 1000 word articles. Not the case.

    Great share and another tip I wanted to add is the power of video with your post. Google can now take the audio from a video and turn it into text. This is great for SEO and YouTube being the 2nd largest Search Engine on the web, it’s another way to drive visitors back to your blog.

    Happy Blogging everyone!!!

  3. I educate my clients and agents about insurance (health, life ltc, and disability). It is cruicial to keep a constant flow of information even if it’s repetitive. People do not remember, specially insurance concepts and on how and when to use it. My client and sales know they can reach me anytime.

  4. I just recently started my blog & I don’t have many followers on Facebook or Twitter myself yet. To kick things off, I decided to apply the main thing I’ve learned from BNI to my blog endeavor… Givers Gain. =)

    I started a social media campaign that consisted of promoting other people I believed in. Retweeting other people’s good articles. Having conversations. Offering support. Saying hello. Being sincere.

    When my next blog article went out (about a week later) my number of Twitter followers had gone up by about 40 and folks were retweeting my article to their thousands of people while I was still retweeting theirs to my 140. =)

  5. Nice quik tip. I find readers follow me for particular information on specific subjects they are personally invested in, which leads to them subscribing to a newsletter on that subject. As a car broker, I write on different info. regarding all areas of the car business, so it is important to segment your subscribers for the interests they have, to better monetize the relationship in the future.

  6. It’s always helpful when someone offers an insight that takes a complex subject to it’s root elements. “Unique and Consistent” is that kind of simple useful advice, thank you.
    We publish a weekly blog based on the idea that we want to give to our customers and that we have ideas and information that they will find useful in building their business.
    We have 900 people that are willing to receive that information via email. But only 20 that will follow the same content via a blog.
    Any thoughts on why there is some much less interest in blogs as a means of communication?

    1. Mike, the combination of email reminders and a blog seem to work best for me. That is where interested people get an email once a week with the topics that are covered on the blog so they can visit and read it when they are ready. See the top right hand corner of this blog for what I am referring to.

  7. Thank you, I just discovered this site. I am a fairly new member. I have a blog, email (Hot Tapping Tips), and Twitter/Face Book/Linkedin feeds. This is so encouraging as I get this business up and running more abundantly. I felt compelled to blog the content I have been putting out. Others in EFT have commented that what I am doing is unique. It was very encouraging to hear this is a good thing.

  8. Thank you for your share about the blog tips. Reckon with Tami, good articles to promote people with their rewarding share is fantastic and helpful in some how.
    Would love to have your scan I drop me some comments on my blog
    Ring me for a beers and connect BNI, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

  9. Blogs are another source of introduction about you to potential associates and clients. My blogs reflect my beliefes so folks get a sense of who I am. Regurgitating industry news or lame marketing strategies will get no hits. My most successful blog post, in terms of views and comments, was on my decision process of whether to circumcise my son when he was born.

    I try to create short, punchy, provocative titles and then post to facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  10. Thank you Mr. Kevin. Other tips for blogs. I have read your inputs in times. Certainly, I think my Indochina travel blog will be kick off soon. Some blog articles about Vietnam BNI Vietnam and its people are doing well.
    Once again, much appreciate you shares and I own all of you a cold beer in Vietnam!
    Welcome any inputs for my travel blog from the far east

  11. Hi Ivan Misner,

    I am particularly inspired by your advice how to network and blog successfully. I enjoy watching your videos and read your book “Networking Like a Pro.” I met you a few times for the Gleaning HOPE project and La Verne University. I am blogging to build relationships and connect with individuals with hearing loss. I blog to inspire my readers to embrace their hearing aids and encourage them to pursue their career path by not giving up. This week, I decided to upload my first video, which I noticed new readers continue to follow my blog. I hope to become a successful inspiration and build networking connections like you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you and Beth. Have a wonderful day!
    -Alicia Castro

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