Triple Your Business Revenue By Writing

A business contact of mine telephoned me awhile back to ask why I wasn’t including writing in my business training anymore. I had previously included it in my training sessions because I think it is an extremely valuable way to establish credibility in business. However, when I checked the numbers, I realized that only about 2 percent of the people I trained in writing really picked up on the message and followed through.

In other words, 98 percent of people I trained never used the advice at all. So of course I stopped teaching it. Well, my business associate asserted over the phone that I should be training on writing regardless of the small number of people who were doing something with the advice because, he claimed, the results for the people that do take action are absolutely phenomenal. He urged me to include writing in my business training because it is worth teaching for the sake of those 2 percent who get amazing results.

In my most recent show on, I talk more about how this business colleague of mine took my advice on writing years ago and turned his business around. By his own calculations, he tripled his revenue by becoming a well-published author of business articles.

Watch the show HERE and then think about how writing might help you increase your business revenue.  Will it take hard work and dedication? Yes.  Is that hard work and dedication worth the results you will get? Definitely.

3 thoughts on “Triple Your Business Revenue By Writing

  1. Your business associate has it pegged. Writing is a tremendous business-building opportunity. It has helped me develop my business to a level that otherwise would have been unattainable. Yes, it is hard work, but then again, aren’t most things that produce superior results?

    Here’s to your success!

    Peter George
    The More Clients More Profits Coach

  2. So what should I do to get started? The last writing I’ve done, other than legal briefs and documents, was back in college. Can anybody recommend a program or course for somebody like me?

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