Treat Loyalty Like Royalty

In this video, my lovely wife Beth brings up a phrase she has often heard me mention in many of my presentations and in various conversations over the years–“Treat Loyalty Like Royalty”–and she asks me to explain what exactly the phrase means to me.  Beth goes on to reveal that she believes just as strongly as I do in the importance of treating people like royalty when they’ve consistently shown you loyalty and commitment in one way or another.

Whether they are employees or people you do business with, if you treat others like royalty when they show you loyalty, your ‘return on investment,’ so to speak will be beyond worth your efforts.  After watching the video, I’d love to hear about some of your experiences where you’ve worked with someone who has been loyal to you and how treating them very well in return has been well worth your efforts . . . or, also, how you worked with someone who you were very loyal to, how they treated you like royalty, and how it paid off for both parties in the long run.  Please share your story/stories in the comment forum below.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Treat Loyalty Like Royalty

  1. This is so refreshing to hear, Beth and Dr Misner! It’s also timely because a member recently asked about using members of their chapter versus people they had used for years. I couldn’t quite put into words the depth of the reason to use the chapter member and this makes it so plain! Thank you!

  2. This is an outstanding talk and I totally agree. Matter of fact my wife once got a little upset with me because we had a service provider that used the services of for a while that I choose to stop using. She was upset that I choose to stop using them. Note this was after being their client for a while and after getting to know them. I found that they really need a couple of the services that we provided for their business. However they would not use us they said that they did need the service but did not do business with clients. So I told my wife that I did not see why I should do business with someone that wanted me to be loyal to them but they had no loyalty to me. I did tell my wife she could continue but that I was not going to any longer. Sadly they lost 300 times per month in revenue to their business what the cost of my service cost would have been if they had been open to use us. The funny thing is they said that really needed and liked our service, quality and products. Life is about the journey.

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