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The Top Five Networking Mistakes – Guest video blog by Tim Roberts

BNI Executive Director, Tim Roberts, shares his tips on how to make your networking more effective by avoiding these five common mistakes.

Tim Roberts shares these tips to avoid while networking:

  1. Sales approach: People are not at networking events to buy things
  2. No preparation: A failure to plan
  3. Not consistent: Only networking occasionally
  4. Talks too much: Being a good listener is Ivan Misner’s number one characteristic of a good networker
  5. Making Assumptions: You do not know who other people know

Tim’s number one tip with networking: Working to better your skills and learning how to use them effectively is what really counts.

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4 thoughts on “The Top Five Networking Mistakes – Guest video blog by Tim Roberts

  1. This is a navigate in a networking session. How do you balance not networking consistently with not making assumptions and talking too much? Do you think that people will misjudge you if you are talkative one minute and then a few minutes later you are reflecting on the exchange and considering the next opportunity?

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