Today Marks the 500th Blog Post on Business!

I am very pleased to announce that today marks the 500th blog post on!  To celebrate, my wife Beth and I recorded this video where we reminisce about which blog posts have been our favorites over the five years I’ve been doing this blog and why these individual posts stand out to us.

Below you’ll find the links to the specific blogs we mention in the video so you can check them out if you’re interested.  To celebrate this 500-blog milestone, I’d love nothing more than to hear which blogs have been your favorites through the years and why.  I’d really like to hear what you think so please leave a comment in the comments section.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog posts and I am very grateful to have a forum where I can share what I’ve learned throughout the course of  my career and learn from all of you who contribute such great feedback.  Thank you so much for being a part of this community of learning and sharing knowledge to promote the success of business networkers around the world–I’m looking forward to another five years (and hopefully more) of keeping this blog going!

1. The Butterfly Effect: September, 07 –

2. OMG, I’m an Introvert: February, 2009 –

3. Premature Solicitation: February, 2010 –

4. The Networking Disconnect: September, 2010 –

5. Who’s in Your Room: March, 2012 –

* Rants:*

6. Networking — A Soft Science: September, 2007:…

7. My Philosophy About Competition: June, 2010 –

8. Relationships are Irrelevant!?: February, 2010 –

9. You Don’t Become Exceptional by Looking for Exceptions: September, 2011 –…

10. Unsolicited Advice is Rarely Welcome: February, 2012 –

18 thoughts on “Today Marks the 500th Blog Post on Business!

  1. Congratulations Dr Misner 🙂

    Your blogs have inspired me over the years – I’ve been blogging since 2009 myself and have over 240 posts so far, thanks to you.

    Best wishes for the next 500.

  2. Congratulations, Ivan. You are a great inspiration to so many and your blogs always encourage and provides tips. You have made is so much easier to network and build relationships. Your blogs are a great example of “Givers Gain”.

  3. Dr. Misner. I have been a regular reader of your blog pretty much since you started it five years ago. As my Region’s Education Coordinator Ambassador I frequently share your blog articles with our Chapter ECs. I think my favorite blog post was “Practice Makes Perfect” is Not Enough (October 2009). Congratulations. Dan

  4. Congratulations Ivan! I have thoroughly enjoyed your content throughout the years! You really do walk your talk and being considered one of the Top 50 Business Blogs in the US is a superb accolade. We look to emulate this in India over time and we will continue to be inspired!

  5. Good Morning Ivan,
    Congrats on the big 500!! Great Blog that I often tweet to the BNI members in my region. My favourite has always been the Networking Disconnect.

  6. Dear Ivan,

    My favorite is The Butterfly Effect. You spoke about it in India last year and the big learning was the guidance as to how to decide whether to accept an invitation was an eye opener. I quote the line below from your above blog.

    “I did it because it fit the values and direction that I wanted to take my company in.”

    Whenever I get confused then I use this formula for the onward direction.

    1. Thanks Mark. That’s the kind of advice that I love. Great suggestion! Besides – you’re a friend. That’s different than people who don’t know you telling you what to do.

      All the best.


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  8. Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 500 blog posts! Your dedication to sharing valuable insights and knowledge on business networking is commendable and appreciated by many

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