This Is Your Opportunity to Be In My Future Book

This Is Your Opportunity to Be In My Future Book

I am working on a new book called “Garage to Global®” and I need your help.

I want to get information for my upcoming book from people who are business Entrepreneurs, Founders, or Executives. The written interview questions are about starting, scaling, and sustaining a business. The survey is brief and will only take a few minutes to complete.

If you are an Entrepreneur, Executive, or the Founder of a business, I’d appreciate your participation. If you would like the opportunity to be quoted in my future book, please respond to the interview questions here.
Remember: If you want to be quoted – say something quotable.

Sharing is Caring

If you are not a business Entrepreneur, Founder, or Executive but you know someone who is, feel free to share this blog and the survey link with them. You can also share the link on your social media platforms to help spread the word:

I am grateful for your help in taking the “Garage to Global” survey and sharing this page so others can take it, too. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “This Is Your Opportunity to Be In My Future Book

  1. Dream, Vision, Mission
    One always need to be powerful n confident about Goal set up…
    Design your marketing strategy for Longtime Sustainbility in work

  2. Understand customer requirements and provide solutions to customer, then provide
    Quote. Means, you providing customer required Quality- “WHAT YOU AGREED WITH CUSTOMER, YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE “

  3. Best Practices i feel
    1. Communication
    “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” — Paul J. Meyer.

    There are many different aspects to communication beyond the spoken word like being aware of your and others’ body language, understanding the pain points involved, uncovering problems, and being respectful of people’s time and contributions.
    Investing in interpersonal and communication skills would be time well spent for ensuring success in the real estate business
    2. Active Listening
    Always whenever we pay attention and listen actively and sincerely without interrupting when another person speaks, the other person starts trusting and liking you
    Active listening is a physical process that transcends simply hearing. Your body language speaks on your behalf as to whether you are fully present and engaged . . .
    • Make eye contact.
    • Nod your head; confirm.
    • Use your eyebrows and expressions of emotions to show that you’re paying attention.
    • Lean forward.
    • Listen patiently to demonstrate respect and sensitivity.
    • Open your physical presence to encourage them to continue.”
    Avoid Phone calls, distractions etc
    3. Attire and Dressing

    We never get a second chance to create the first impression.
    Whenever we visit someone’s office or home for business-related discussion, always ensure that we are dressed well, wearing clean clothes, well-ironed, wearing socks with shoes, the hair neatly combed.

    Smiling is the biggest and best tool to greet the prospect we are meeting. Greet the person as per the time of the day. When you enter a workplace do not just barge in, ask permission before you join, if there is office staff give your business card to inform them that you want to meet that person, and only when called in then only proceed. I have often seen people get hurt and create wrong impressions about you.
    5. Negotiation skills
    Your customer or owner of property /developer may have certain hitch/disagreement regarding specific clauses or points.
    We should be in a position to convey the correct point; the role of a realtor is to explain and convince both parties at a mutually acceptable term.
    Your Body language should be calm and unbiased at that moment.

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