Think “That Online Networking Stuff” Is Just for “Young People”?–Think Again . . .

Many of my video blogs of late, including this one, focus on topics that Jack Canfield, Gautam Ganglani, and I will be focusing on in our upcoming book about networking.  I’m posting these videos to share my own thoughts and stories about different networking topics because Jack, Gautam, and I are looking for personal story submissions from networkers across the globe and these videos give examples of the kind of stories we’re looking for.

In this particular video, I talk about different aspects of online networking in relation to face-to-face networking.  It seems that younger networkers (mostly those belonging to the millennial generation) are often all about online networking and don’t see the point in face-to-face; whereas networkers from the older generations tend to be completely on board with face-to-face networking but see online efforts as a fad or a waste of time.  One of the things I emphasize in this video, however, is that networkers today should never take an “either” face-to-face “or” online networking stance–instead, for maximum results and increased opportunity, they should take a “both/and” stance, integrating each type of networking into their overall referral marketing strategy.

If you have a story similar to the one  I share in the video about making powerful connections online, please visit to submit your story for a chance to be published in the upcoming networking book which I mention above.  Also, I’d love for you to briefly summarize your story in the comment forum below as well.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

6 thoughts on “Think “That Online Networking Stuff” Is Just for “Young People”?–Think Again . . .

  1. This information is great and so true. I have experienced the benefits of online networking myself. What I’ve done is be interactive on different LinkedIn groups and also reach out to people to connect. Once they connect with me online, I reach out to them to connect in person. I have found not only great business connections by doing this, but some of them have also become great friends. We help each other business-wise and personally. So it really is a combination of both online and in person. Thanks for sharing this video!

  2. I’ve made a number of fabulous networking connections online. One is a man I met in a Yahoo! group. We “met” about 8 years ago and every once in a while – once or twice a year – he phones me with a resource or information that blows my mind or changes my business. We’ve never met but I always take his calls and always look at what he has to say because I know it’s good. And I’m always happy to support him.

    My other great networking story is a woman I met in a LinkedIn group. We started chatting privately and it turned out she is the author of a book I’d been talking about in a different group. Over the years we’ve kept up the connection. She was a guest on a teleseminar of mine and we promote each other when we can.

    But Ivan, you’re absolutely right, that it’s not either/or. Neither of these connections would have been as strong if we hadn’t gotten off social media and onto the phone.

    A lot of introverts thing social media means they don’t have to talk to anybody anymore. However, I find I talk to MORE people as a result of social media.

  3. Online networking is a great way to build relationships, just as letter writing used to be. Fully half of my Facebook and LinkedIn connections were virtual (no pun intended) strangers, prior to the online connection. When I see them in person, our relationship is already at a much higher level than it would be if we’d just met. If we’ve been connected for any length of time, it’s as though we’re old friends. I look forward to the day that I meet you and Beth in person!

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