Think Face-to-Face Networking Isn’t Important?–Think Again . . .

Now that we can just pick up our smartphones and immediately connect with people on the other side of the world, have in-person conversations become a thing of the past?

In this short video, I talk with Roger Green of Applied Transformation Inc. about the value of face-to-face meetings.  If you don’t know how the holographic Jedi Knights of “Star Wars” and a newspaper journalist in Stockholm relate to the importance of face-to-face networking, there’s no need to wonder . . . just watch this video to find out. 😉

What’s your own take on the importance of face-to-face networking versus relying on technology to connect?  Please leave your thoughts in the comment forum–I’d love to hear some diverse perspectives on this.  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Think Face-to-Face Networking Isn’t Important?–Think Again . . .

  1. As a BNI Member I have seen Chapters transformed and solidified by the implementation of more 1-2-1s where 2 Members get together outside the weekly meeting. And the story of the Stockholm interview is perfect and will be passed on!

  2. As a Pro Networker and BNI member, I agree 100% with face to face interaction; nothing replaces the human touch! In terms of online networking, I have found that video communication helps to bridge the gap of long distance relationship building. Tools such as Skype, FaceTime, Google+ Hangouts, and the like, are transforming the social networking landscape and allowing us to truly leverage the World Wide Web to create a global networking environment. That’s huge!

  3. One issue I always have with today’s communication (Skype, Facetime, Facebook ect) is that there are other distractions going on. A one to one – can be done in matter of 30 minutes but that would have taken much longer over other forms discussed above. 1to1 demands your full attention.

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