Thierry Mazué: Double Your Referred Buisness

In this video, Thierry Mazué, my good friend and Master Franchisee/Trainer for the Referral Institute in France, talks about two of the eight referral sources in referral marketing and explains how you can double your referred business simply by using two of them.

After watching the video, be sure to visit to learn more about the other sources of referrals and then come back to this site to leave your comments about which of the referral sources you currently use and which additional sources you feel you could begin to tap into.

3 thoughts on “Thierry Mazué: Double Your Referred Buisness

  1. Great Vid with Thierry Mazué!

    I think it is wonderful that you “GIVE” people something as valuable as referral sources to help them along their way.

    Thanks Brother

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