The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret–4th Edition

The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret–4th Edition

The first edition of my book The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret, which details how to build business by referral, was released back in 1994 and went on to become an international bestseller.  I am excited to announce that the 4th edition of the book was just published and my co-author Mike Macedonio and I have substantially rewritten the book and added a significant amount of information.

Here is just a brief sample of what is outlined in the new book:

  • The best way to grow your business
  • Referrals and referral marketing, networking, word of mouth, buzz, and viral marketing
  • Networking vs. direct prospecting
  • Communicating your brand
  • Making your network stronger
  • Fifteen ways to promote
  • Forecasting sales from referrals
  • Tracking and evaluating results
  • And much, much more . . .

If you’ve read any of the other editions of The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret, I invite you to leave a comment here letting me know what some of your top takeaways from the book were; and, of course, if you’ve had the opportunity to read an advance copy of the 4th edition of the book, I would absolutely love it if you would leave a comment about what you think of it!

The new 4th edition is not yet available on Amazon but you can get an advance copy of the book now by CLICKING HERE.

20 thoughts on “The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret–4th Edition

  1. Hello, Vernon. I very much appreciate your comments and I thank you for your interest in the book. You can obtain a copy of the 4th Edition of The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret by clicking on the link given in the very last line of this blog entry. Thanks again.

  2. Tariq – GREAT question. We should have put that in the information above. It is a substantially different book. The sub-title has changed because we literally merged the best parts of THE WORLD’S BEST KNOWN MARKETING SECRET and BUSINESS BY REFERRAL and put them in this one book.

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