The View From Your Windshield Represents Life Itself

Everyone who has driven a car or truck is well aware that the windshield is much larger than the rearview mirror. Why is it larger? Because it is important that we look ahead to have the clearest view possible of where we are going and where we want to go in life.
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Connected to the Past While Looking to the Future

The windshield is a very good metaphor for our lives, both personal and professional.
I believe that it is important for us to know what is behind us and to learn from where we have been. However, if someone is ONLY looking at their rearview mirror, it is because they are going backward. When we do that in our lives, we are not living in the present and we will probably miss out on many opportunities that are happening in front of us.

As my co-authors and I talk about in the book Who’s In Your Room? remember to Be Here Now. Wherever you are, be there. If you are at work, don’t be thinking about the time you didn’t spend with your family last night. If you are at home, don’t be thinking about yesterday’s due dates and customer calls. They are all in the past. Wherever you are, be there fully and completely. That includes being in the driver’s seat of your car.

Successful businesspeople will continue to focus on the view ahead. They know that even the best laid plans along established routes may encounter detours. They know that change is inevitable and that they will need to pivot in order to keep up with, and adapt to, the changes so they can keep their forward momentum.

I believe in being connected to the past while looking to the future. Remember, your rearview mirror is smaller than your windshield for a very good reason.

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  1. Great advice. Co opting this for our educational minute. We are in person this month for the first time in a long time, and it’s important to remind people to commit to being present. It was very easy to hide on Zoom and be reading something else on Zoom, but having fought to get back in person, the people around you deserve your full attention. Thanks!

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