The VCP Process® Explained–What’s Your VCP Story?

As some of you may know, Jack Canfield, Gautam Ganglani, and I are currently working together on a book about networking.  This short video is one of many others, some of which I’ll post in the future, that cover networking topics which we will be focusing on in the book.  The videos are the result of brainstorming sessions for the book and in this particular video, I explain each step of the VCP Process® approach to networking in careful detail, emphasizing that credibility is really the key to networking success.

I share a personal story which demonstrates why trying to drum up referrals from people you’ve never met before is an exercise in futility as you’re not even at the visibility stage with them, and I outline the absolute best way to establish credibility with others.

If you have a story relating to the VCP Process® which fits the criteria I describe in the video, please visit to submit your story for a chance to be published in the upcoming book on networking that Jack Canfield, Gautam Ganglani, and I will be publishing.  Also, I’d love for you to briefly summarize your story in the comment forum below as well.  Thanks in advance for your participation!


8 thoughts on “The VCP Process® Explained–What’s Your VCP Story?

  1. Today I talked with my chapter about the Butterfly effect. I told my group about how the VCP process has helped me greatly in development and success. Which is creating ripples thee effects, are touching many areas of my life and the same for the lives of others. Then I told my story and then used three examples on how VCP have helped other members in the chapter to have great success in their lives. I used stories that have been shared by other members in the group and pointed out the connections. I also reminded them of the benefits that we all miss and in many cased take for granted. I personally may not see the money yet but I see the great value, powerful, opportunities that are developing. Just from applying these very basic concepts with Givers Gain it is amazing. The meeting went well and many took my theme and shared even more of how it has worked for them.

  2. Dear Ivan,
    This is a very good video blog about VCP! I really hope more business networking people see this and start using this great process! I have learned so MUCH from these blogs and Videos that you have put on your site. Thank you for being here to help people like me! I love the concepts of Givers Gain and VCP! Thank you! You Rock!

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