The Proper Way to Give Your Business Card

Have you ever wondered about what the best way to pass your business card to someone might be?

Watch this under-two-minute video where Phil Berg from BNI UK offers a very valuable tip on how (and how not to) to pass your business card to ensure that it will be valued and well received.

At the end of a video, Phil and I ask a question that we’d love for you to answer in the comments section below so, please, don’t be shy and chime in with your comments . . . thanks!

12 thoughts on “The Proper Way to Give Your Business Card

  1. Great tip Phil.

    This happens to me all the time. I politely accept the other persons business card, without handing mine. While I listen to what the other person says, I keep switchen from eye contact to the business card – interested in what the person says of course. After a while the person often says: Hey did I get your business card?

    My technique is no guarantee – but that is not important to me. As long as I got their card, I can always follow up with at quick e-mail when I get back to office saying something like: Nice talking to you at the networking event. Please let me know if I can do anything to help your business.

  2. Great advice from Phil- he’s always spot on! This happens on a regular basis to all good networkers. Similar to sharks roaming the oceans, some buisness people will “eat” their way through everybody and everything at events, handing out cards, moving from one “victim” to the next. What you really want to be is a “dolphin” networker- help people, communicate well with them, and exchange cards when appropriate.
    In addition, when traveling to other countries, it is a good idea to find out the business card etiquette there- that can save you a lot of embarassment!
    Of course, another thing that happens on a regular basis is that some business people fail to have a business card at all on their person- yikes! ALWAYS carry business cards!

    Shawn McCarthy

  3. Hi Ivan & Phil, another nugget from the Master! I just take the card with a smile and drop something in my mental ‘no bucket’.
    However, that’s nothing to what I once saw at a very big breakfast meeting one time. This guy came running round and as he passed our table called out ‘my card’ and threw a pile on to the table! We just all looked stunned and left them there. Totally amazing.

  4. Great little tip for any business owner that wants to build relationships and not want to blow their chance of engaging with potentially their biggest ever new client.

    other point to remember – when YOU have asked for their card and you want to write a reminder note on it eg when you agree to contact them etc… You may wish to ask them “Is it ok to write on your card?” they are probbaly very proud of their designed card and and it is their property at the end of the day. It also shows that you are taking that extra attention and care to thier brand let alone teh fact that you are ACTUALLY going to get in touch with them.
    Hope this helps.

  5. This happens more often than I’d like. There are plenty of takers among the givers out there. When you come from a place of giving, doors of opportunity swing wide open.

  6. Oh yes, this has happened to me, when I first started networking, best thing was that I then gave him my card and he then gave it back to me and said ( I was an electrician at the time) I already have an electrician I use save your card!!!!
    I kept his card and referrer him business all the time……..

  7. Great advice, Phil! I’d have to say that if this didn’t happen, I would be in a cave somewhere. It happens frequently and I politely look at the card and put it in my pocket. I still try to make it a positive conversation. Many people have been taught to have their business cards in their left hand at the ready. I was taught to do that several years ago!
    It is always my intention to ask for the other person’s card. Hey, I forget, sometimes, don’t you?! I never give out my card in these situations unless someone asks for it. If they ask for it, they really want it. Unless of course, they forget… 🙂

  8. There are few things I hate more at networking events than being handed a business card I do not want and certainly did not ask for. These types of cards go straight in the bin because, as you rightly point out, they are very much like unsolicited junk mail. I only give my card when requested and I only ask for a person’s card if I intend to use it – this is usually as a follow on from talking to them first and establishing a mutual interest in staying connected. On another note, I strongly recommend investing the necessary funds to get a well-designed, nicely printed card – I find the quality of your card really says a lot about you as a business or an individual. Shallow maybe, but it’s all part of selling yourself and/or your brand so for that reason it’s worth the extra pennies.

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