The Power of Undivided Attention

When you’re at a busy networking event, sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of not giving people your undivided attention.  However, making every effort to avoid that trap and to, instead, be fully present and focused on each conversation you have will no doubt help you make a huge impression on people.

In this short video, I tell the story of how I will never forget the impression Sir Richard Branson made on me in this regard.  The first time I met him, we had a brief conversation about raising children and I mentioned my son Trey.  Months later, when we met again at a party, I was standing with my son and Richard approached me and asked, “Is this your son Trey?”

I was shocked that Richard remembered my son’s name from the brief conversation we’d had months earlier and it showed that he had obviously given me his complete undivided attention during our verbal exchange.  This was extremely impressive to me and though I already thought highly of him for his entrepreneurial achievements, this made me think very highly of him in regard to his character as a person in addition.

We all know that when people are impressed with us and like us on a personal level, they are much more apt to want to help us; so, think about the changes it would make within your business if you were to give laser-point focus to each and every individual at the next networking event you attend.

From this point forward, make your best effort to give those you interact with your undivided attention so you can really connect on a personal level.  I guarantee you’ll begin to make a memorable impact on each and every person with whom you speak.

What can you do this week to show those you network with and interact with in all areas of your life that you are giving them your undivided attention? Maybe turn your mobile phone off and put it out of sight while you’re conversing?  Perhaps you could try listening more attentively and focusing on maintaining eye contact so you’re not distracted by what’s going on around you?  Please leave your ideas in the comment forum below.  Thanks!



11 thoughts on “The Power of Undivided Attention

  1. As Lee Brower would say, “Begin in Gratitude.” Gratitude has a way of focusing the mind on positive things about the people and the situations we interact with.

  2. I am reminded of a BNI Convention that was my first in Seattle. A fairly new director myself,f I was involved in a great conversation with another new director. Along came a few people I had met and they had invited me to go see the Space Needle ,I remember that the tourist attraction would be there awhile but spending this time with Mike, the director, may never happen again or in the same way. What a great time we had and a few weeks after the convention I received a lovely box of Onyx cigars. I has been many years but the time I spent helping this new person has been held in my heart/memory all these years. I now live near Seattle and will one day go to the Space needle. I hope that visit will be as memorable as my time with Mike as one human being to another.

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