The Pieces of Success

ID-10028822As so many of us launch into spectacular plans for the new year, whether those impact our businesses or our personal lives, there are a few things to remember when to comes to gauging the success of those plans. To truly be successful is to be in it for the long haul.

For the most part, your success is determined by your hard word, and by your choices. You can work harder than anyone you know, but if at the end of the day you make the wrong decisions, you will never achieve the success you want. So many people think that they deserve to be successful just because they work hard, but this is not the case. Hard work is simply a piece of the puzzle.

Many hard working people claim that they have “bad luck” when things turn sour, despite their efforts. In reality, it is poor choices that ultimately lead many of these people to why their hard work isn’t leading to success. This isn’t to say that every choice you make has to be a good one – to hold yourself to such a standard would be to set yourself up for failure. Instead, you need to make more good choices than bad ones, and minimize the impact of the bad choices by accepting them and fixing it quickly.

Becoming successful takes time and effort, and unfortunately many people want to get from point A to point Z without all of the challenges, lessons, and milestones in between. You cannot work hard and immediately expect the success that you think you deserve. Success is not an entitlement, no matter how badly we want it to be one.

I’ve said before that working hard is only the first part of success. Making good choices is the second part. It takes both to achieve success.

How do you motivate yourself toward long term success? Share with me in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “The Pieces of Success

  1. The journey to success might require toll booths, detours, and rest stops. Each leg of the journey made gets its own celebration. It makes a difference to note distance traveled, what it took to get there and appreciate that experience.

  2. Again Dr. Misner hits the nail right on the head. By extension I would add that being in relatioinship with individuals who are more successful and more senior to you in their professional life, is a big plus. I’ve found the vast majority of those folks to be anxious to share their wisdom and even trouble-shoot your biggest mistakes, so you make more robust decisions next time!

  3. Success is first of all knowing what you want to achieve which will make you happy. Then working hard and making the right intelligent choices till you reach there is the second important thing in the journey to success.

  4. For me, it’s an important part of the decision making process to truly know where my expertise and efficiencies lie. This applies whether business opportunities are plentiful or scarce, as it allows me to make an early decision as to where to place my efforts. For the areas that aren’t in my top tier, I have aligned referral partners that can assist on those projects. This way, I don’t try to be everything to everyone and take on everything that comes my way. Rather, I determine how the opportunity will best lead me and the customer to success. In the instances where one of my referral partners will be more successful on the project, I work with them to put in place, and ask that they help me when an opportunity in my most successful tier comes their way.

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