The Path to Business Leadership

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you know how challenging it can be to find the path towards leadership that works for you. With all the information available to us online, leadership styles are a dime a dozen and no one has the time or resources to try every style. Getting back to the basics is important, and understanding how those basics can improve your business is even more vital. Being a leader doesn’t have to be complicated! You’ve heard of the KISS acronym, right? Keep It Simple…well, it’s not the nicest acronym, so I won’t finish. But you know where I’m going.

If you find yourself wondering how to become a leader in business, follow these four steps:

1. Focus on solutions, not problems

2. Collaborate with your team

3. Be a culture champion

4. Care about the success of others–REALLY care!

Finally, leadership is about accomplishing more than people thought possible. In your business, what are your wildest dreams? What’s your ultimate goal? Never lose that idea and constantly be working towards it.

Watch the video below to hear more about the four steps towards becoming a business leader, and leave me a comment on what YOU think makes a leader.


2 thoughts on “The Path to Business Leadership

  1. Advance apologies for the length.
    A long time ago in the Army, we learned the acronym that military leaders have known for thousands of years – 4M. Yes, it is sexist!
    Firat, we learned that the order is critical, because without it…we fail to lead. This is the civilian translation.
    1. Men – People matter most. Without people, who can you lead? If you care more about the mission than you do about the people you are not a leader, you are a dictator.
    2. Mission – Remember the mission. As a leader remember that the mission is more important than you are. Help your followers to stay focused on the mission. Squirrels are not the mission.
    3. Morale – Help people maintain their morale at a very high level. Work hard to keep morale high. People with high morale will accomplish the mission.
    4. Mail – 2-way communication is critical. Without open, honest 2-way communication, failure is inevitable. Encourage people to speak what is on their mind, by asking for their opinion The greatest battles were not won by the ideas of the leaders, but by the ideas of their followers.

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