The New India

I’ve been in India for the past several days conducting seminars on business networking and, I have to say, I’ve been very impressed by the business community here. The businesspeople I’ve met are passionate about learning and they are hungry for information and knowledge.  I have found the audiences here to be extraordinarily respectful and almost sponge-like in their interest in absorbing new ideas.

Although it is still a developing nation, it is obvious that the infrastructure of India is growing quickly.  There are construction projects going on virtually everywhere and the development of transportation systems seems to be a high priority.

India has quite an interesting blend of history, tradition, and modern society, along with a serious quest for improving people’s lives.  I don’t think the West fully recognizes the transformation that is taking place here.  Although the middle or entrepreneurial class in India is only about 20% of the population, this percentage represents over 200 million people!

The fact is, education is crucial to achieving growth and success; India’s business community truly understands this and it is inspiring to see how they wholeheartedly embrace a culture of learning.  With their interest in education and training, and their focus on creating infrastructure, I believe that India is likely to be the financial powerhouse of Asia within the next decade.

Businesspeople around the world would benefit tremendously by following India’s example in regard to the value the people of this country place on education.  It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to experience the culture of India and the graciousness and generosity of the people here.  I am deeply grateful to all those I have met during this trip and judging from the way these people embrace knowledge and exude the Givers Gain® philosophy, I have full confidence that India will soon achieve tremendous growth and worldwide recognition.

9 thoughts on “The New India

  1. Dear Dr. Ivan Misner,
    It was a real pleasure meeting with you at the BNI Conference in Mumbai. Just wanted to say that we all at BNI want to meet with you at the next conference.
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. Dear Dr. Ivan,
    It was an amazzing opportunity to meet you last week in Bangalore.We could realise that how you have revolutionzed the giver’s gain philosophy across the world in a systamatic way.I am also pleased to note your keen desire to understand India which at times is unfathomable.
    We will keep in touch and have amazzing time ahead.
    Narendra Damani
    Proud founding member of BNI Amazzing

  3. Dear Dr. Misner,
    The experience at the BNI National Conference has a lingering effect on me. The atmosphere in the hall was charged up to the maximum. It was very encouraging and motivating.
    I share your thoughts about the receptivity of Indians towards education. I personally am attracted to BNI on account of the excellent trainings imparted during the MSP and Leadership meets.
    I am looking forward to more informative sessions in the time to come.
    Amol Joshi
    Secretary Treasurer and Proud Member of BNI Fortune PUNE, India

  4. Dear Ivan

    On behalf of everyone at BNI India, thank you for your recent visit to India. The input and insights you kindly imparted have inspired India’s business leaders to create a ripple effect- and the waves will touch and change the way we do business for the better. I am proud to be associated with an organisation whose philosophy is about helping others.
    Thank you for sharing your leadership and inspiration with Indian businesses.
    Onwards and upwards

  5. Dear Dr Misner,

    It is a pitty I missed the opportunity of meeting you in person at the recently concluded national conference at Mumbai, India due to unavoidable preoccupation.

    Based on the feedback received by me, I know I have missed a great learning & networking opportunity and ofcourse, interacting with the worlds biggest name in Business Networking. Thank you for leading a successful organisation like BNI which has helped change so many lives. We continue to be inspired by your articles and other educational material brought to us through our dynamic leader in India – Niraj.

    Hope to see you more often in India.

    Kind regards

    Sanju Fernandes
    Chapter Director
    BNI Premier .

  6. Hi Dr. Misner
    Would like to extend an invitation for you to visit Gurgaon – gurgaon has been awarded the No 1 BNI region in India for August 2013 ! Your skills & expertise , motivational interactions will be very inspirational for the entire BNI network in Gurgaon . Looking forward to your visit.
    Umaa Arun
    Chapter Director
    BNI Energizers

  7. Hello Umaa. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to India a couple years ago. I look forward to coming back. The National Director (Niiraj Shah) is responsible for determining where I visit. Feel free to talk to him about your interest in coming to your region the next time I’m in India.



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