The Handy Guide to Networking

I have just released my first e-book.  It is called The BNI Handy Guide to Networking and is available to the public for FREE.   The book includes topics such as: 6 Types of Networks Every Networker Must Know About, The Top 10 Traits of a Master Networker,  The 5 Most Common Networking Mistakes to Avoid, The Layman’s Guide to Networking Online,  Using Technology to Network Better , as well as other topics.

You may download the book for free by going to this link: The Handy Guide to Networking .

Download the book and comment here about what you found most valuable from the book to use in your business.

4 thoughts on “The Handy Guide to Networking

  1. I downloaded the ebook and am happy to say that I am using most of the tools you recommend for the online social networking. One thing I know for sure is the best networking tool I have are my ears. Listening to new connections has brought in more business than me “selling” to them. Not only that I have been able to refer more people in the BNI chapters because I was able to find a solutions for the person I was talking with. That’s priceless.

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