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Mahesh Mac Srinivasan

The Fortune is in the Follow-up!

Follow-up tips from various BNI leaders for International Networking Week

Submitted by Mahesh Mac Srinivasan
President, BNI Asia & Australasia

Follow-ups, more than anything, can be the capital on which your business can prosper.

Effective networking is critical to growing your business in today’s times. In addition to being a good networker, it is essential to follow up with the new contacts you make, to make your overall efforts more fruitful than what it could have been.

For example, when someone passes a referral to you, it is crucial that you connect with the referral within a 24 to 48-hour period. This enhances your credibility with both the person who gave you the referral and your potential client. Follow up generates interest and interest in your product or service and it cements your engagement.

Follow ups can be easily done via a phone call or a short email. Make sure to thank the person who has passed on the referral and update them regularly about any progress. This will further enhance their confidence in you and ensure that you stay foremost in their mind for future referrals.

When it comes to chapter growth, it is vital to follow up when new members apply. Our members are our core strength and the more members we have, the more is the potential we offer to other members. It is a win-win situation based on mutual growth and trust. So, we must make sure that we follow up on new applications, on the same day, thank the visitor for coming and to find out more about their core strengths to evaluate if we can integrate them within existing members.

A good follow-up helps deepen the relationship and trust. Most successful business owners, create a healthy business by building a large network of business associates, clients, mentors, and friends.

To summarize, following up is key to converting introductions and building sustained relationships. All it takes is communication at regular intervals on points of mutual interest to keep connections alive. You can be sure that the effort one puts in following up with contacts always pays back directly or indirectly – sometimes through straightforward contracts, at other times via a referral or a connection that might lend a helping hand in times of need.

The Fortune is in the follow-up!

International Networking Week 2017


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