The Facts about My New Health Challenge–EGBOK!

I announced on my social media pages last Thursday that I have a new challenge on the horizon–early stage prostate cancer.  The good news is, I am fully confident that everything is going to be okay (EGBOK!) because my primary doctor made the diagnosis last week very early on in the beginning stages of the cancer, which appears to be a slow-growing type that is immensely treatable.  What’s even better news is that this type of cancer has an 85-90% cure rate and my doctor has predicted full recovery for me just as many of his other male patients with this same diagnosis have achieved after undergoing treatment.

In addition to the traditional medical approach, I am also being treated by a team of doctors at the Center for Advanced Medicine in San Diego County.  The treatment includes a specialized regimen of nutritional support, including supplements and other alternative modalities.  One of the doctors treating me is Dr. Mark LaBeau, a BNI member–talk about your network being there to help when you really need it!

I am so thankful that this was found early and I can definitely now speak from experience about how important it really is to get the routine medical exams done which are recommended by  health practitioners for your age bracket and gender.  I have learned that often prostate cancer has no symptoms at all and IF symptoms do appear, it is usually when the cancer has become very advanced and difficult to treat–my doctor was only able to catch this so early because I made sure to go in some months back for the routine recommended procedure to check for things like prostate cancer in men around the age of 50.  The results of that procedure revealed an abnormality which required a subsequent biopsy procedure to be done and last week, I found out the results of the biopsy uncovered the presence of prostate cancer.  I am very, very lucky that this was caught in the beginning stages when the cancer is so treatable and I most certainly realize now, more than ever, the real importance of routine medical checkups, exams, and procedures.

I am sharing the facts about my diagnosis here today because I want to be completely transparent about what is going on and to assure everyone that I wholeheartedly believe “this too shall pass” and that I will be completely vital and healthy again post treatment.  As I’ve spent much of my life building relationships based on trust and teaching others how to generate positive word-of-mouth, I want to be sure I am maintaining the trust I’ve built with all those in my network by communicating honestly and directly and that I’m walking the walk to keep the word-of-mouth surrounding this focused on accurate information with no room or need for the invention of rumors.  In the weeks ahead, I promise to keep everyone informed of my progress and the state of my prognosis as it unfolds. I will be posting the most current, accurate, up-to-date information via the BNI Social media pages ( ;!/bni_official_pg), my social media pages ( ;, and here on my blog.

I’ve received so many wonderful messages of encouragement from people since I announced my diagnosis on social media last week and I am very appreciative for all the kind words.  As I’ve said before, my wife Beth (pictured with me above) and I are beyond grateful to have the support of such an amazing network around the world–we really appreciate the love and thank everyone for their prayers.  Beth and I are confident that we’ll be able to look back on this as a challenging time from which much good came and the top-notch team of medical doctors we are currently consulting with has given us quite good reason to feel strong, positive, calm, and in great spirits!

Thank you so much to all those who have voiced concern and sent me kind words of encouragement (if anybody reading this would like to offer an encouraging story or comment, I’d love to hear it and you can post it in the comment section below)–I truly know EGBOK and I will certainly keep everyone updated as to how my treatment progresses. Thanks again everyone for all the support!

12 thoughts on “The Facts about My New Health Challenge–EGBOK!

  1. Ivan – I can tell you – from the experience of my father that (if I understand properly) this is indeed good news: You caught it early, the prognosis is better than excellent, and …EGBOK.

    As just one of the (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) people in the world who owe you an enormous debt of gratitude, let me take a moment today simply to say “Thank You”!

  2. Dr. Misner – Thank you for all that you have done and for all you are still doing to help others. I wish you all the best! In addition to catching the cancer early, which is important, your outstanding, positive attitude will definitely help you to heal. This test will help to prepare you for another trial, yet to come.

  3. Dear Ivan,

    Like gratitude rock mention in the secret. Now your believe system with sufficient of water, energy, supplyment, rest and San Diego medical team. I believe and look forward for your good news.

    Lenny Chan
    Proud member of BNI
    Powers Chapter
    Penang, Malaysia.

  4. In 2004 at the annual meeting of MDRT at Anaheim , California which I attended, dr. Marius Barnard was the main platform speaker. In his speech he mentioned about his diagnosis of prostrate cancer and the recovery. He mentioned: he went back to god.
    What my perception is, is that you also seek the help of your spiritual being.
    This is from your well wisher from Goa, India who heard you a couple of years ago when you spoke at the Bni conference.

    Rajesh CHHEDA

  5. Dear Dr. Misner,
    We wish you all the best and I know you will get well soon. I would like to share my personal experience- my husband was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer and the medical prognosis was not too good- however he decided he was not going to die and not let the cancer defeat him. I am happy to share that 7 years on he is healthy and leading a full life.
    Personal determination and attitude is what makes the difference.
    BNI has been a life changing experience for me and I wish you all the very best.
    Arti Kochhar
    Proud member of BNI
    Excellence Chapter , Gurgaon

  6. Ivan wishing you all the best through this tough time I hope everything sorts itself take care Proactive Pete

    ‘Your health is your wealth!’
    Fortune North London

  7. Dear Ivan – our thoughts from England are with you – so glad you took the right decision for an early check up – insisted my husband did the same when he hit 50 after hearing Max Clifford (of all people) talk about what he had been through – hope we can get the mesage across to all men – I think they would be more reassured if they knew it was a blood test and not a ‘finger up the …’ – love the positive attitude and look forward to seeing you again on yr next UK visit.

  8. Dear Ivan, good luck in your journey ahead. I’m glad to hear you’re complimenting conventional treatments with further alternatives. I believe, deciding to take a whole-health approach is wise one, giving your body as much support as possible, as it takes care of it’s current challenge. Stick with that positive outlook too – that in itself is a valuable supplement. Best wishes, Terence.

  9. Thanks Ivan for your leadership in so many areas. I am praying for you and those who are supporting you. EGBOK. You might enjoy the book “Leadership” by Rudy Giuliani . I particularly enjoyed his point by point account of being mayor of NYC during 911. A big highlight of the book though was his frank accounts of dealing with his prostate cancer and treatments and how he adjusted his schedule and also how people around him supported him. I bet you would enjoy the whole book, if you haven’t read it yet. Please let me know if I can support you.

  10. I have learned so much from you. I wish I could do more than just send warm wishes. I hope that you can maintain your upbeat approach. It is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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