The Darkside of the VCP Process®

The dark side of the VCP Process® occurs when people get disconnected from what networking is really all about–they’re not carrying out the VCP Process as it is meant to be carried out and that’s when everything goes wrong.

As I mentioned in the video blog I posted last week, Jack Canfield, Gautam Ganglani, and I are currently working together on a book about networking.  Today’s video is, again, one of several short videos I’ll be posting which cover networking topics that we will be focusing on in the book.  These videos are the result of brainstorming sessions for the book and in this particular video, I explain the networking disconnect–the unfortunate occurrence which takes place when everybody comes to a networking event to sell yet nobody comes to buy.

If you have a story relating to the ‘networking disconnect’ which fits the criteria I describe in the video, please visit to submit your story for a chance to be published in the upcoming book on networking that Jack Canfield, Gautam Ganglani, and I will be publishing.  Also, I’d love for you to briefly summarize your story in the comment forum below as well.  Thanks in advance for your participation!

3 thoughts on “The Darkside of the VCP Process®

  1. This is beautiful. I just did the educational moment with my chapter and said to them that networking it is not just about a referral it is about relationships. Team work etc.


  2. I have learned that with the last three years of networking if I do not do a followup with the buisness cards I do receive, I am doing an injustice with all of my efforts to star building relationship within the community. I do admit that I do not communicate as soon as I should though with the other obligations I have with my job discription but I do get it done.

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