The Concierge Concept – “Who’s In Your Room?”

 There is a new concept in the recently released Second Edition of “Who’s In Your Room?” and it’s called The Concierge. 

The premise of the book Who’s In Your Room? is:
Imagine that you live your entire life in one room that only has ONE door – an Enter Only door. There is no exit. Inside the room are all the people with whom you have ever had a relationship. You can create your own mental Doorkeeper based on your personal values to help you determine who gets to come into your room and therefore into your life.

However, many people have asked, “What about the people who are already in our room?”

My friend and co-author, Stewart Emery, joins me to talk about the importance of The Concierge concept in this video.

Along with your Doorkeeper, your Concierge becomes the other important person in your room. They work on your behalf, bringing people closer or keeping them further away. They direct the people in your life to their proper place in the room and help make sure everyone stays where they belong.


I invite you to learn more about establishing your own Concierge to help you create the room, and the life, of your dreams. The Second Edition of “Who’s In Your Room?” is available here:

2 thoughts on “The Concierge Concept – “Who’s In Your Room?”

  1. Interesting concept, and very much to the point., I think, in these often trying days of social and cultural context. Learning how to deal in your head with individuals who challenge you and your values is likely to point you in directions in which you can find ways to deal with them in person. It does all boil down to making choices for yourself, not allowing those others who challenge you to make those choices for you, according to their terms.

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