Thanks, But I Don’t Need Your Card

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Imagine you’re at a networking event.

I know, it’s a stretch. But work with me here.

So you’re mixing and mingling and start passing out your business cards like candy. Suddenly, someone hands it back you and says, “No, thanks.” This actually happened to a BNI Member. He wrote to me, astonished, and asked what I would do in his situation. Well, here’s my answer.




One thought on “Thanks, But I Don’t Need Your Card

  1. Dr. Misner, this is so true! It is one of the reasons I never give out my business cards unless I am asked for them. It is also why every time that I am invited to participate at an even that I take the time to prepare so that I get it right. The word-of-mouth promotion is much more effective than me handing out 100 unsolicited business cards. Thanks again for saying it well.

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