Tim Roberts

Thanking Those Who Provided The Opportunity – by Tim Roberts

International Networking Week®: “A Week of One Million Thank You’s” stories from various international BNI leaders

Submitted by Tim Roberts, National Director – BNI United States of America

Tim Roberts

This week, BNI celebrates International Networking Week and its Million Thank You initiative. It reminds me of how important it is to think about those who have made significant impacts on our lives that may not have been obvious at that moment in time.  Who helped you with what may have seemed like an insignificant act that, through the butterfly effect, changed the course of your business or life forever?

Thank You, Seth Tebbetts

For me, it is Seth Tebbetts, a BNI member in the BNI Power Partners chapter in Nashua NH and owner of the Tebbetts Insurance Agency.  Back in 2002, Seth was a recruiter for another insurance company. He gave me an opportunity to chase my dream of being an entrepreneur.  Seth was able to help me see the possibility of unlimited growth and face the fears of uncertainty.  If it were not for Seth I would have ended up in a management program after graduation. I know I would have hated this and who knows where my path would have led.

I was very familiar with BNI at the time because of the involvement of my parents. However, I would not have been able to become a member if I did not decide to go work with Seth.  This decision led me down an amazing path: from a struggling member getting little results, to a successful member, to finding my passion for BNI, to working BNI fulltime, to becoming an Executive Director owning multiple franchises of BNI. Now, I am the U.S. National Director.  While there are countless people who I can and should thank along this now 18-year journey, it is Seth who helped me take the very first step.  There is no way either of us knew at the time that this is where it would all lead, but that is not the point.

A Week of One Million Thank You’s

I challenge all of us to think back and thank those whom without we would not be where we are today.  I often speak to BNI members and ask them, “When was the last time they thanked the person who initially invited them to their chapter?”  We also make sure to thank the person who just gave us a referral. However, without that initial invite, EVERY referral we have or will receive from BNI would never have happened.

Thank you, Seth, for convincing me to take the leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. Thank you for helping me be able to get involved in an organization that has made such an impact on my family and me.

Wishing everyone a fantastic International Networking Week® 2020!

Tim Roberts National Director – BNI United States of America


2 thoughts on “Thanking Those Who Provided The Opportunity – by Tim Roberts

  1. Enjoying the read and I don’t normally read. Why, because I keep reading the same line again and again, but I’m finding how to cope using this iPad. Yes, I’m enjoying reading the articles so far and reminiscing on who has helped me over the years. Turning 70 last year does not mean it’s over. I first joined BNI in 2003 the year I started my own company and my biggest obstacle was getting Multiple Sclerosis and sooner than I wished the wheelchair arriving. Despite all this I managed to grow the business Buying 4 You Ltd with the help and guidance of BNI to employing the next generation. I had already had 25years at Cadbury’s and after my accountancy years found my true passion in Purchasing ending up jointly heading up the entire buying department. On leaving worked another 7years at a Catering Butchers made a Director that I said I didn’t want and left to start Buying 4 You Ltd (my baby I guess). The MS finally took a bit too much and I left BNI. Several years later I’ve decided it’s not all over and joined BNI again. The big difference now is that I think I will probably need more help than I can give, but will try and let that happen, hence reading this. End

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