Are You Utilizing the Networking Tools at Your Fingertips?string(58) "Are You Utilizing the Networking Tools at Your Fingertips?"

In this video, I talk to my friend Vince Vigneri, one of the most effective networkers in the U.S., about the difference between networking and networking effectively.

Vince explains that just because people say they network, it doesn’t mean they network effectively and, often times, their lack of effectiveness can be attributed to the fact that they aren’t using the resources that are right at their fingertips!

Watch the video to find out where to get education on building a powerful personal network, as well as what kind of tools and resources are at your fingertips so you can start networking effectively for real results and stop winging it. 

What tools and resources have you discovered which aren’t mentioned in the video?  Please–by all means–share your discoveries in the comments section below so others can benefit as well!