Take Action

Take Action to Achieve Your Dreamsstring(34) "Take Action to Achieve Your Dreams"

The Law of Attraction is powerful. However, “action” is part of the word attraction. Therefore, you must take action to achieve your dreams. I firmly believe taking action (beyond simply showing up) is key to achieve real results. Making a plan is meaningless if you don’t shift toward action.

Networking truly is a “contact sport.” It involves full engagement in order to get solid results. Many entrepreneurs simply don’t know how to take action to reach their goals. Engagement is an absolutely critical step in the networking process. It involves a promise and an action. In order to achieve success with your networking partners, you must promise to support one another, and then you must take the action necessary to fulfill that promise.

Networking involves interacting with others. There are several ways that you can take action to become more engaged with your networking partners:

  • Be a good listener.
  • Develop a positive attitude.
  • Collaborate to serve others.
  • Be sincere and authentic.
  • Follow up.
  • Prove your trustworthiness.
  • Be approachable.

Most people who are successful at networking view the process as a series of small actions to create long-term positive growth for their company. The process is more of a marathon than a sprint. Throughout the race, you form alliances and help each other in what may seem like little ways over the long haul, but these small actions over time can create big results. Therefore, to be an effective networker, you should always be working on strengthening your relationships with your referral sources.

Reach your goals and create a better life when you dream, believe, and achieve…