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Hurricane Harvey

BNI cares about our BNI members affected by Hurricane Harvey

As you know Hurricane Harvey has decimated a large part of southern and eastern Texas. What you may not know is the hurricane has dramatically impacted nearly 1,400 BNI members and their families. As a result, BNI® has launched a fundraising effort called “BNI Cares: About Texas”. Its sole purpose is to help BNI Members get back on their feet and back to business.

Join Beth and me in supporting BNI members in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Go here to support: .

Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating impact on much of Southern Texas.

We are coordinating an immediate fundraising drive until Friday, September 15th to help BNI Members most affected by Hurricane Harvey to get back on their feet and back to business. If you would like to support BNI Members in Texas, please join us in [] making a donation today. Times are especially tough right now for BNI Members in Southern Texas. The road to recovery will be long, but BNI will stand beside them at every step of the way.


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