Millennials Have Bad Mannersstring(28) "Millennials Have Bad Manners"

[Note: from time to time I get “comments” below from people who are just reacting to the title and haven’t actually watched the video to see the true message.  It’s amazing to see the vitriolic responses (which I remove). It really helps to watch the video first.]

It’s a phrase that has been echoed throughout the years about any given era’s younger generation . . . “Young people today have bad manners.”   It seems like every generation looks at the next generation and finds fault.   Currently, it’s today’s Millennial Generation which is being saddled with this proverbial character judgment.

But, is this assessment of Millennials really accurate? Do they truly deserve this negative estimation of their generation’s collective attitude?

In this video, I  explain not only why I disagree with the bad reputation many older folks associate with Millennials, but also why I firmly believe that the Baby Boomers of my generation should take a good hard look at how they themselves were viewed by previous generations back in the ’60s and ’70s, and why they should then reconsider their assumptions about Millennials.

I’m really eager to hear your thoughts and opinions on this one!  What do you think about today’s youth?  Also, I’d particularly like to hear what you think about the ‘old guys’ complaining about today’s youth.  Please share your feedback in the comment forum below.  I read absolutely every comment and I’d love to hear from you–thanks!