Celebrating 38 Years of BNIstring(27) "Celebrating 38 Years of BNI"

January 8, 2023, marks the 38th anniversary of BNI® (Business Network International). It was 38 years ago that I launched the very first chapter in California, USA. By the way, the BNI Founder Chapter is still meeting every week!

I am very proud that we are celebrating 38 consecutive years of growth! That is an incredible achievement, and I don’t know of any other organization that can say they have done that.

I’ve learned that now, more than ever – people need their network to help them through good times and bad. Now, more than ever, BNI is there to help people create “referrals for life.” I am proud to share more in this video, including our members’ achievements this past year.

I am truly humbled by what BNI has become, and I am honored to still be active in the organization. And I hope to be active for many years to come. To me, BNI is not only a great way to get business – it’s an even better way to do business. 
By working together, we all grow together.