Susan RoAne Shares One of “The Secrets of Savvy Networking”

When it comes to networking, we’ve all unfortunately encountered people who believe that the simple act of meeting another person entitles them to ask that other person to share their contacts with them in order to try to drum up more referrals.

In this video, Susan RoAne, my good friend and an international networking expert who consistently puts out some of the most outstanding content on networking around, explains why anybody who believes that networking is an “entitlement program” (i.e., the type of people who meet you once and think you should share your contacts with them) is completely off track and will never get any referrals while operating under that perception.

The concept that networking is an “enrichment program” as opposed to an “entitlement program” is one of the fresh, powerhouse ideas unique to Susan’s latest book The Secrets of Savvy Networking.  I highly encourage you to go to to learn about the book and/or visit for more information about Susan Roane.

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5 thoughts on “Susan RoAne Shares One of “The Secrets of Savvy Networking”

  1. Good Morning From Vietnam,

    Thanks for sharing
    Work our how to purchase the book in Vietnam.

    Truly American accent. Would love to welcome you in Saigon for Savvy Networking.

    Van Hai,
    Grandeur Journeys, Indochina

  2. Okay. So could someone fill me in here with all this talk about ‘networking vampires’, etc.

    There are people bold enough to walk up to someone and just try extracting their contacts from them?


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