Why Steve Farber Believes in Love (in Business)

The notion of love is too touchy-feely for many of us, especially when it comes to business.

But my friend and fellow Transformational Leadership Council Member, Steve Farber, doesn’t think so. Steve is one of the most renowned leadership speakers in the industry. When we were in Napa Valley together last week, he talked to me about making love a part of your every day mantra as a business owner.

“If the customer loves you, you can blow up their building and they’ll say ‘Eh–accidents happen,'” Steve said (OK, so that might be a bit extreme. But you get what he’s trying to say.)

Steve goes on to say that it’s more than just the forgiveness factor that makes it worth having a loving relationship with your customers.

“Love is what leads to customer loyalty,” he said. “it’s what leads to word-of-mouth and growing your organization.”

I think this advice is spot on. If your customer relationships are held in as high regard as the service you provide, you can only benefit. Customers want to love you-they want to trust and believe in you, which are foundational building blocks of love. Focus on building those blocks with the goal of creating loving, loyal customer relationships, and you’ll create a strong reputation that will hold up in the business community.




One thought on “Why Steve Farber Believes in Love (in Business)

  1. Ihan this is a good story. Steve Farber’s work and leadership is legendary here in the Denver area. He was a strong supporter of the Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance organizationback when we were a viable entity here. We voted to close down in 2014 after 25 years, because of the difficulty in raising independent cash to stay afloat.

    I feel certain that Steve would have been one of our lfetime achievement award honorees at some point, had we stayed in business. However, Steve Farber is the kind of individual who will keep doing his good work, whether well recognized or not!

    Ron Ausmus
    Integrity Associates

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