Stand and Deliver

Whether you’re introducing yourself to an individual or to a group, you have a choice of how you deliver your message. The primary vehicle for your introduction is your verbal presentation.  Does your introduction work?StandandDeliver

People will judge not only the message, but the messenger as well. How you look, carry yourself, listen, and leave the conversation will affect what others do with the message you’ve delivered.  The important thing to remember is to speak as if you’re addressing a single person, a good friend.

As you network with friends and associates and tell them what you do, your underlying hope is that they will use your services and pass the message to others, who will also use your services and in turn keep spreading your message.  When someone such as a strong or casual contact speaks on your behalf, the same rules apply.  What you do and say sets the pattern for duplication. As in the “telephone game” you may have played as a child, you need to keep checking down the line to ensure that your original message is being accurately passed along.  As you continue to build your word-of-mouth network, you need to know how much information your fellow networkers are actually hearing and understanding and, at times, you may need to make adjustments in the way you disseminate your message.

Each messenger may have used a different technique and had different motives for participating in the race, but the essence of each message is what needs to cross the finish line.

2 thoughts on “Stand and Deliver

  1. I read somewhere that it’s 70% presentation 30% content. Not to say that what you say isn’t important, but how you say it is crucial. What we remember is usually what we see or feel, not what we hear. Be more aware of how you project and what you look like. It will make a huge impression on your audience, no matter how big or small they are!

  2. Great advice, and the BNI 121 meetings really work well in making sure that we understand another member’s business (and they understand ours. Certainly in my business (PR and social media) things change so quickly anyway that I need to keep people up to date.

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