It’s a Small World After All

Why am I titling this week’s blog entry after a Disney song?  Just watch the video and you’ll find the answer . . . suffice it to say that even after 30 years of heading the world’s largest referral marketing company (BNI®), I’m still shocked at the fact that it really is a small world we live in and at how close the degrees of separation can actually be.

In this video, I tell the story of how I accidentally connected with a BNI member in Texas by phone when I was intending to call a completely different phone number–the result was completely unexpected and it just goes to show how small the world can actually be.

After watching the video, I’d love for you to share any stories you may have about interestingly unexpected connections you’ve made–please share your stories in the comment forum below.  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “It’s a Small World After All

  1. Dear IVAN, thank you for this post!

    A VERY small world story:

    The UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA posted a personal story of one their students on the University’s LinkedIn webpage. I read it and noticed the “Notable ALUMNI” section to the right of the page — YOU were there! Looked you up and sent a message via LinkedIn – introducing myself and my appreciation for your expertise. You were generous to reach back out and shared a few kind words. After becoming acquainted with your websites and resources, I joined “BUSINESS VOICES”. Soon your wife BETH reached out to me in response to joining. Her reply was just as warm, and she inquired as to my knowledge of you having once been a student at USC – having seen my SC email address and not knowing we had communicated. Replying to her quickly, I sent a message late last night. This morning your blog, It’s a SMALL World After All, stuck out to me. I listened and read your post and shared this story.

    An experience of synchronicity prompts me to ask us three to meet. Thank you in advance and looking forward to connecting with a GREAT alumnus.



  2. Great story ! So true and weird how this happens
    Many years ago we met in Sydney at a dinner we were introduced, my Chapter is BNI Oceanview Manly
    As I mentioned that you told me “it’s a small world story” that when you arrived at Sydney airport you hopped in a taxi the driver and you were talking and he was an ex member of our chapter and knew all about BNI etc

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