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Six Ways to Write a Book without Writing a Book

Have you ever wanted to write a book, though you are not a writer?
In this video, Tiffanie Kellog explores 6 different ways that you can write a book without actually having to do the writing.

Having a book can be a powerful way to set yourself apart and position you as an expert – so having a book is on many people’s to-do list. A problem, though, is many people do not like to write… In this video, you will learn a few alternatives to actually writing a book.

I have a book I wrote in 8th grade around here on a floppy disk somewhere, though I hate to think how bad it would be if I were to read it now… it will probably stay buried forever.

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Tiffanie Kellog is a professional speaker, coach, and trainer with Asentiv, and is co-owner of a business with her husband.  Therefore, Tiffanie has helped entrepreneurs over the years make more money while saving time. Thus they can have more fun. She is dedicated to helping others make more money in less time.

To contact Tiffanie, call her at 813-263-9690 or email at referrals@tiffaniekellog.com

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