Rodent Roller by SynAtria

I’m supporting the start-up of a small gaming company called SynAtria and their new video game called “Rodent Roller.This game combines platforming, ball physics, and collect-a-thon gameplay into one fun and unique experience. Important: read below to learn how you will get a special gift from me by supporting an amazing small business.

About SynAtria

The name of the video game company is SynAtria. They combined the words “synapse”, the base component of the brain, and “atria”, the main chambers of the heart. Therefore, their name symbolizes their goals – to make meaningful games with integrity. SynAtria has a big vision of creating whimsical and engaging games. However, without the overstimulating (and often hyper-violent) experience of typical video games.

Founders Trey and Aria Tempest (my son and daughter-in-love) share the positive and negative effects of video games in this video. The games/products developed under SynAtria focus on spreading positivity and supporting mental wellness. They are a determined team to create products with a message and a purpose. SynAtria’s goal is to connect with their players in a very special way by touching upon the minds and hearts of their audience.

Get my complete professional audio library (valued at $119) with a $50 donation to their game campaign.

All donors of $50 to Rodent Roller’s crowdfunding campaign (make sure to pick the Ivan Misner Founder’s Pack) will receive an email with a coupon code within 60 days after their donation. This special code will provide one FREE download of my complete professional audio library (valued at $119) from Misner Audio Programs.

Therefore, consider the free networking and business audio programs as a gift from me, to the supporters of SynAtria. Help them to create amazing new games for the videogame lovers in your life. In conclusion, a win, win, win!  Click here.

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