Presenting at Networking Meetings is Nothing to Fear

I had an interesting experience with a BNI member some time ago that has really stuck with me. She was scared stiff of having to give presentations each week at her networking meeting; in fact, she found it so stressful that it was seriously affecting her networking activity. She was losing great opportunities to tell her fellow members about what she did, and it was keeping them from giving her referrals.

I suggested to her that rather than approach her next 10-minute presentation as a speech, she should approach it as if she were giving a test.

She liked my advice, and when it came time for her to give her presentation, she started by asking the audience 10 true or false questions about her area of specialty, tax law. The questions provided more of a discussion forum where people were engaged in communication with her, and she was able to talk more comfortably because all eyes weren’t solely on her. The presentation was a great success and, best of all, by the end of it she felt completely at ease.

By finding a way to approach your presentation that you are comfortable with and that is creative enough to make the session engaging for your audience, you will take much–if not all–of the fear out of presenting.

You’ll hear me tell the story of how this BNI member overcame her fear of presenting on my latest business TV show on and you’ll also get a detailed explanation of how to give powerful, creative presentations with these five practical tips:

1. Prepare well

2. Focus on what is important

3. Make use of visual aids

4. Remember that you are the expert

5. Be creative

The story above illustrates each of these points very well. Watch the show to hear me outline exactly why.

3 thoughts on “Presenting at Networking Meetings is Nothing to Fear

  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. Everyone should know about these things. I enjoy learning new things so I subscribe to blogs like yours. Craig

  2. Another great post. I recently used this exact same technique with a new member with great success.
    I also worked with a member and came up with a BINGO game- she felt much more at ease reading the words about her profression and having the chapter members fill in the squares (# 5 above- be creative!).
    So if you’re nervous about speaking in front of a group, welcome to the club! Get in the game and take a few swings! Remember, all things are difficult before they are easy! Hone in on the 5 tips above and you’ll be fine!

    Shawn McCarthy BNI ED Ventura County, Ca.

  3. An excellent tip for making oneself visible and heard.
    Thanks for sharing the experience

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