Partnering With Your Competition

While counter-intuitive, partnering with your competition may be among the best ways to grow your business. By intelligently creating a partnership with someone who you would otherwise work against, you can combine your client bases and maximize on return on your investment. You never know what kind of positives can come from what may otherwise seem like a negative.

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2 thoughts on “Partnering With Your Competition

  1. While what you are suggesting might have worked years ago, it won’t work in this day and age, because so many people are too insecure in their own business practices, they are also too lazy, so if they see you have something good going they will steal it or copy it.
    To few business owners have any morals any more. It’s easier to follow someone on social media and replicate their ideas .
    I’ll stick to my B.N.I. group and work hard for my referrals the old fashioned way, through honesty and quality work.
    BTW………….I don’t have competitiors , I have people in the same industry, to suggest they are competitors would be to agree that they do what we do, they don’t.

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