One More Time . . . How Do You Motivate People?


Have you ever wondered how to inspire motivation in employees, friends, family members or others in your network?  In this video, I reveal the one secret to motivating people.  I also talk about how to provide an environment where people feel motivated, based on Frederick Herzberg’s concept of ‘satisfiers’ and ‘dissatisfiers.’  Satisfiers are things which have been proven time and again to motivate people hands down and dissatisfiers are things that do the opposite–they do nothing at all to motivate a person.

Watch the video now to find out exactly what to focus on if you desire to truly motivate people; and I’d love to hear some of your ideas/examples regarding what satisfiers and dissatisfiers are for you.  Please leave your thoughts in the comment forum below–thanks!


6 thoughts on “One More Time . . . How Do You Motivate People?

  1. Great point – motivation comes from within! Thanks for sharing the kinds of things that tap into other people’s individual motivators. I believe this is the foundation of developing successful leadership within any organization.

  2. Great Message, as we go into a new year. I always ask what one goal they will work on in this coming year. Just to get them thinking about their future. Thank You Dr. Misner for the reminder.

  3. I certainly agree on self motivation. And thank you for focusing on the key satisfiers to leverage on to provide the opportunities for others to motivate themselves. It was amazing to realize that some of the disatisfiers that I thought were motivators, were not really are. Wow! It is always worthwhile to listen to you Dr Ivan! Lifelong learning indeed. Thank you so much💕

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