One Simple Rule for a Winning Approach to Networking

In this video, Networking expert Charlie Lawson talks with me about the Networking Disconnect which commonly hinders the success of many who attend networking events and mixers.

Charlie explains that the Disconnect can be avoided all together by following one simple rule that will get your networking approach and intent geared in the right direction.  I’ll give you a hint–it involves big fish and coffee. 😉

After watching the video, come back and comment about your experience(s) with the Networking Disconnect (trust me, we’ve all had some experience with it) and what you think about the advice Charlie offers in the video . . . looking forward to hearing from you!

8 thoughts on “One Simple Rule for a Winning Approach to Networking

  1. Great video Ivan. Do you think one of the inhibitors to initiating relationships at networking events has been the focus on “elevator speeches”? Instead of “what do you do & how did you get into doing that?” it’s “here’s what I do & how I might be able to do it with you”

  2. I must wholeheartedly agree with you both. The disconnect is OH so important. And I’ll go a step further to tell you why. So many people not only “don’t get it” or don’t like the experience of networking because they’ll think they are going for the big deal or the big client. We all know that ‘s wrong, but worse than that is that these people will very much be turned off to the networking process as a whole after such an experience. They miss the entire point of it all. And that’s just a huge shame!

  3. Excellent video and so true on all counts! In this hyper competitive market there is so much pressure to attend evey event, network, and bring closed business back to the office. The paradigm shift we are moving to is “other focused”. I love Dr. Misner’s quote; “Go in the door giving”…this way you are always adding value and setting yourself up to earn the right to do business and form relationships.

  4. I am convinced that people don’t get networking, be it in real life or social media. The desire to hand out a thousand business cards at every meeting does not seem any different from repeating the same tweet or status over and over.

    Making contacts that will bring future referrals seems a lot more valuable to me

    Guy McLaren
    Pretoriaweb (Business Network and chamber)

  5. Business networking should be both fun and informative. Some good advice there that we will be able to integrate into our own business network!

  6. Indeed most of the time, we have the intention to sell in the networking event. This is a great advise to just go there an build relationship. I think another good thing we need to learn is the art of listening. Listening to the needs of the person you meet.
    And not to talk too much and sell too much.

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