‘Notworking’ is Sometimes Good

It’s not called “net-sit” or “net-eat,” it’s called NetWORK! Effective networking is all about learning how to work your network effectively and appropriately.

I also believe that there are times to “notwork.” As a matter of fact, I’m fairly confident that when I’m 70 years old, I won’t say, “Gee, I wish I spent more time at the office.”


I believe that we entrepreneurs, business professionals and salespeople need to make sure to take time to . . . notwork. I do my best “notworking” at my lodge in Big Bear Lake, California. I’m writing this blog from my deck, pictured here during the day (above) and again at night (below).


Each year we have a family tradition that each family member gets to pick two things that we all do together during the time we are up here. We type it up and, as each item is completed, the family member puts his or her initials next to his or her item, and we post it on the refrigerator (we have nine years posted there so far). Last night my daughter chose S’mores around the campfire. Today, my son chose a “mental health day” (in the Misner family this means nobody in and nobody out–we hang around the house, watch TV, read, play games and mostly veg).

Success is many things to many people. To me, it’s having the time to spend in a place I love with the people I love. That is true success.

Sometimes, “notworking” is a very good thing.

9 thoughts on “‘Notworking’ is Sometimes Good

  1. Ivan,

    I enjoyed reading about your “notworking” concept and the family traditions. I myself would vote with your daughter for S’mores… extra hot fudge.

    You are a great teacher to so many of us and I hope that others are inspired by your connection to nature and your family. Making the most of “notworking” is as important as making the most of “networking” and this blog shares how to do that.

    Have a great time at Big Bear!

  2. Ivan,

    I just read your article on “Notworking”, and agree with you ten thousand percent 🙂 I have recently joined many Americans in the wacky world of unemployment. At first, after the roller-coaster ride of emotions calmed down, I was full speed ahead racing towards the next gig. One day, I was annoyed by all the telephone calls (not from prospective employers but from family and friends), that I told a friend it’s good to just slow down. No phone, no TV, no racing, just sit back and enjoy the day. I’ve recently given myself permission to cut off the job hunt by a certain hour (usually my body and interest dictates that), and I then involve myself in projects that I never had the time for while working. I am catching up on reading, clearing clutter, and more importantly learning more about myself. There’s something magical about just “sitting still” and listening.

    Ahhh, to have a place on Bear Lake! Now that’s a corner office! We should all aspire to arrive at such a comfortable and rewarding place of peace. Thank you for being a great example of what we should all aspire to.

  3. Ivan,

    Off-beat, but a great topic. Important to keeping your sanity, particularly when things get hectic.

    NOTworking is harder to do for entrepreneurial business owners than someone with an employee mentality – they don’t have to worry about making payroll.

    Thanks for the great thought!


  4. Ivan,

    The complete article is worth reading and the sentence I liked the most,

    ”Success is many things to many people. To me, it’s having the time to spend in a place I love with the people I love. That is true success”

    I totally agree with you in this regards.

    Jay R Modi, MBA

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