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Not Following Up

Not Following Up

Do you know one of the biggest mistakes you can do when networking?  It’s when you give a networking partner a referral and they do not follow-up on it. This drives me crazy and is so frustrating because it is so easily preventable.
If you are not following up when your referral partners call you or you are not following up on the referrals you are giving to others, you’re not just losing business, you’re also losing your credibility. That is something which is extremely difficult to earn back once lost.  So why not take time today to follow-up with someone. If you make following up your number one networking priority this year, I guarantee it will pay off in big ways.
Most businesspeople love working with someone who is considerate, and your follow-up etiquette is an easy way to show just how considerate you can be. Your follow up technique can leave a lasting impression on someone who may not have thought you were memorable at first. Remember, thoughtfulness always counts in the end.
Have you had an experience where you gave a referral to someone and they didn’t follow up on it?  If so, will you continue to give that person referrals?  Or, have you dropped the ball on following up on a referral before?  If the answer to either question is yes, did you learn a lesson from it?  Please share your experiences in the comments below.  Thanks!
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4 thoughts on “Not Following Up

  1. I like to follow-up in person or over the phone depending on the situation, then send them a thank you for your time and/or business card in the mail. Too many business professionals have forgotten that little touch of sending thank you cards.

  2. Sometimes a “follow up” is just a reminder. A couple of days after referring: “Hola John, how was your meeting with my reference?”. The classical answer: “Upssss, I was just about to call him”. Follow up in 7 days to see results…

  3. Thanks for this reminder, Dr. Misner. I had intended to follow-up on a referral some time ago and in the business of life forgot about it. However, I ran into one of my mentees today who thanked me for sowing into her life. She had subsequently sown my gift into the life of 3 others, who went and got their own. She had this inexplicable light shining from her eyes when she asked if I had anything else to offer her, that I just knew I had to get help. This message made me take that forgotten step. I followed-up. And, I know that it will change my life.

  4. My experience is that when it happens repeatedly by the same member to referrals that multiple members that gave the individual they should report it to the MC but don’t. Members don’t realize it is hurting the chapter reputation of credibility. Members feel they are telling on each other. How childish they can be at times. BNI is a Business. It must treated as such. If the MC puts them on probation they may be helping them get back on track. Either that or they can remove the member if he breaks probation & get a credible member in there to replace them.

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