New International Networking Week® Video for 2014

The new video for International Networking Week® 2014 has just been released!

This short, six-and-a-half-minute video, sponsored by the Referral Institute, explains how the week of February 3rd-7th, 2014 will bring about great opportunities for businesspeople around the world and increase worldwide awareness about the powerful benefits of business networking. International Networking Week® 2013

2014 will mark the 8th annual celebration of International Networking Week which is now recognized by many countries across the globe, with thousands of events being held during the week. One of the main goals of the week is to help businesspeople everywhere build their networking skills and expand the opportunities within their reach.  In the video, I talk about Stewart Emery’s “Who’s in Your Room?” concept within a networking context and how International Networking Week presents a great opportunity to reassess the people currently in your life and reach out to people who you want in your ‘room’ but may have lost contact with or need to build a relationship with.

I hope you enjoy the video and that you’re as excited as I am about participating in the global celebration of International Networking Week come February.  After watching the video, please share your thoughts on it, and on International Networking Week in general, in the comment forum below.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “New International Networking Week® Video for 2014

  1. Thank you Dr. Ivan for the very very great and inspiring video. I love the questions that keep me thinking about the people whom I need hang around with. I was introduced by me Mentor, Mr. Bellum Tan, Rich Dad Asia, to join BNI Cambodia since I did not know what BNI was all about. My business and life has significantly improved since my first month of my membership with BNI CEO Chapter. Thank you for the video and thank you for bringing BNI on earth.
    Best regards,

    Piseth, Cambodia

  2. Hey Ivan, Super video… Loved the fact that you spoke about “Values”.. Very rarely we have people talk about values in the context of networking. Loved the video.. I am part of multiple networks – BNI to start with… Being a member for over 7 years and also being a Sr. Regional Director in Mumbai has been a super Enriching experience. I thank Niiraj Shah (since he is my sponsor) to invite me into his room!!! Will spread this message into my other networks – Rotary, Independent consultant Exchange, and other professional forums… It’s time to get to work now and think right away “Who do I want to invite to my room?”..

  3. Further More, it was quite simply a pleasure listening to you Dr. Ivan Misner on “Who’s in Your Room?”. This is Hema Nataraj From Chapter Enrich (Thane) would like to thank my sponsor Ms. Vaishnavi.

    Because of your strong support and my mentors/trainees who had guided me time to time in my business, I could successfully complete this one year period in chapter Enrich.

    BNI has taught me the importance of systematically developing relationships with existing and prospective clients. When I became a BNI member my company was 1 year old and the referrals which accounted for 30 percent of my total revenue is from BNI.

    Will definitely spread this message to my networks with MTM and other local network groups “Who do I want to invite to my room?”

    Thank You once again to BNI it is a great networking platform to grow our business worldwide.

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