Networking vs. "Notable Networking"

Networks are coalitions of business professionals who, through a mutual support system, help each other do more business. Notable networking, when done right, is anything but superficial. On the contrary, it benefits all parties, not just one. If you want to build a word-of-mouth-based business, it must be based on the concept that givers gain; that is, if you want to get business, you have to give business to other business professionals. I believe the evidence to support this philosophy is overwhelming. People who are willing to give business will get business.

With Notable Networking, many of the people with whom you network may be friends or become friends. The key to building a word-of-mouth-based business is mutual support, relationship building, and the development of lasting professional friendships. Members of a network are there to further their own business by helping each other. By meeting regularly, networks allow business people to get to know each other. It’s through this exposure that people learn more about each other’s businesses and feel comfortable about referring one another.

There is also a network that extends beyond the members of a networking organization. Each member of a network knows dozens of people who, in turn, know dozens of others, and so on. As such, a group of thirty to forty may know thousands of other people throughout the business community. Thus, networks often have a greater impact than their size may initially indicate. This is especially true in tight-knit groups that meet regularly and track the quantity and quality of referrals given.

No matter what networking situation you may find yourself in, always strive to be a notable networker by remembering that the key to building a word-of-mouth-based business is mutual support, relationship building, and the development of lasting professional friendships. Do this and you can’t go wrong.

4 thoughts on “Networking vs. "Notable Networking"

  1. Recently the members of our BNI Chapter had a hand on heart moment ..What has meeting weekly networking as BNI members given to them in the last year… Apart from fantastic new business contacts resulting in a very healthy turnover, it was the relationships that had cemented the trust between them that proved such an important part..Oh and the savings…by not only using each others services but by exchanging services. Economic sence to me .. Jeanne Levoir

  2. I have been looking for some helpful networking ideas & hints. I came across your blog and found it to have some great tips. Thanks so much. I am just starting out and can use as much help as I can get! I love coming across blogs like yours, thanks!

  3. Such powerful information Ivan. It would be great if every member of BNI subscribed to NetworkingNow and read this article. The longer I am a member of BNI the more I understand that the path to true success through Networking is in developing those long lasting relationships. In order to achieve that success you definitely need to give of your self without expectation; your time and your resources. Many still do not understand the power behind this concept, and as such they continue give with expectation, all the while wondering why they are not getting the results they desire. Loved the article. Thank you.

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