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The A-Z of Networking: R is for… (by Andy Lopata) [PART 2]

This month, Andy Lopata shares more of his networking tips which begin with the letter “R”

  • Rapport
  • Real
  • Regular
  • Rejoice
  • Remembering
  • Respect
  • Responsible
  • Richness
  • Risk Taking
  • Routine
  • RSVP

Click here to learn and more about the “R’s” of Networking in PART 1:

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Please click below to see Andy’s playlist of his networking tips from A to Z.

By knowing why you are networking and what you want to achieve, it is possible to plan accordingly and get great, measurable results. If you have any comments about Andy’s “N” list or any additional “N” words about “Networking” you will want to add to the list. please leave me a “Note” as a “Comment”  below.

Andy Lopata

As a business networking strategist, Andy Lopata works with companies on how to use networking tools to develop their businesses. Networking is not just about sales. Whether for lead generation, breaking down silos internally, recruitment and retention of top staff or developing future leaders, networks and collaboration have a key role to play. Andy works with clients to help recognize that role and put the strategy and skills in place to leverage it.

One thought on “The A-Z of Networking: R is for… (by Andy Lopata) [PART 2]

  1. Networking is an art as well as science.
    Networking basically a long term trait , for those who have vision and acumen for planning in advance. It has many colours strategic, salient, value creating, developing genuine interest, authenticity , and trust as the core strength.
    It is basically relationship building exercise and the business is a by- product. Networking requires an effort , continues one at that just like planting a tree

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