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The Networking Mentor


I have a newly revised book, The Networking Mentor, that is now available on Amazon. It was just released this week!

“The Networking Mentor” is a parable about the transformation of someone’s life because another person took them under their wing and mentored them relating to the do’s and don’ts of networking. It starts with a struggling business owner, Ken, who is invited to a BNI networking group by a business associate. He proceeds to mentor Ken and helps him learn how to network effectively and build a referral-based business. Ken’s mentor teaches him very specific strategies on how to network better and at the same time, the mentor improves his skill set as well.

Each and every one of us have people in our lives who made a difference. We all have someone in our story who influenced the path we took—or perhaps motivated us to carve our own path. These are the mentors we’ve had in our life. Their impact can be life-changing. We firmly believe in the power of mentors to make a positive difference in the lives of others. By devoting time and attention to a mentoring relationship, both parties reap deeply powerful and meaningful rewards that extend well beyond simple financial gain. As we mature and gain more experience, we have the opportunity to transition from mostly being a mentee to also being a mentor. This book is for both mentors and mentees. This book is the second edition of a book originally titled: “I Love Networking.” It has been expanded with additional chapters and graphics.

Please use this link to order your own copy of this amazing book.

Every person that believes in mentoring new members in their network needs copies of this book. It is the story of how a mentoring relationship changed someone’s life in a BNI group. We’ve all had mentors who are in “our story”. When we talk about how our life has changed through our experiences with them, they are part of that story. Mentors can make a positive difference in someone’s life. By devoting time and attention to a mentoring relationship, both parties reap deeply powerful and meaningful rewards that extend well beyond simple financial gain. As we gain more experience, we have the opportunity to transition from being a mentee to also being a mentor. We’ve all had mentors who are in “our story”. However, there is something even more important: The real question is not who’s in our story but whose story are we in? Whose life have we made a difference in? That’s what creates a meaningful life, and that’s why this book is for both mentees and mentors.

So, I have two questions for you.  Whose story are you in as their mentor and how have you helped someone else?  Who is in your story as a special mentor to you in your life or business? Share your story here on my blog.  I’d really like to hear it.  Post it below in the comments.

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    1. Yes Annmarie, if you order 24 or more you can get somewhere around 25% off. If you’re interested, connect with me on the CONTACT link in the banner.


  1. As an unattractive, asthmatic, and very socially awkward 13-year old, my overbearing father died, making life even more confusing. My mom’s best friend (eventually her boyfriend), Fred, saw potential in me and always spoke to me as an adult. He gave me Zig Ziglar’s book See You At The Top which introduced me to the notion of pursuing my dreams. He bought me my first pair of running shoes, and jogged with me FOR A YEAR until I could run a mile. Since I couldn’t muster up the confidence to talk to boys without getting so nervous that I would become ill, we stood in our driveway and he’d coach me through how to have a normal conversation with someone of the opposite sex, during which he pretended to be one of the popular boys in my high school. It took me forever just to get past “hello.” Most importantly, he dragged me to Toastmasters meetings and gave me my first job. He even talked me out of dropping out of college when the pressure seemed unbearable.
    Fast forward 42 years: I regained my health, have run 10K’s and marathons, and remain an avid outdoor enthusiast. I had a VERY successful and well-respected career as a multi-award-winning language teacher, author and conference speaker, and married an incredible man with whom I raised and homeschooled 4 successful adult children. They are among many for whom I can now “pay it forward”, as I invest in them and encourage them in their respective businesses and dreams. I have had the privilege of influencing thousands of people, on topics that mean a lot to me, through the public speaking skills I gained all those years in Toastmasters, and still enjoy working my own business as well as helping my husband’s business to grow even more.
    I appreciate your invitation to write about our mentors, and in fact as soon as I post this, I think I will go pay a visit to my old friend Fred, who is now in a retirement home, to once again thank him for being my mentor. On his behalf and mine, thank you, Dr. Misner!

    1. Valeri, what an incredible story. Thank you for sharing it with me. It almost makes me want to call Fred and tell him thank you! He clearly made a difference in your life. If you tell him what you wrote here – I am CERTAIN you will make his day.


    2. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing . My copy of this book just arrived and I am eager to see what Dr. Misner says as I feel he is one of my mentors from afar when it comes to business networking. I feel we have many mentors, even the prickly people in our lives teach us. They say when the student is ready the master will appear. I seek the answers in all interactions, the good, the bad and the ugly. My gratitude is for being gifted the desire to seek life long learning! You’re story as well as many I serve in my private practice inspire me to be better, to seek understanding, compassion and empathy and in doing so I am always guided to the next life lesson. Aren’t we all? 🙂

  2. Ivan, I have just finished leading a second cohort of 4 learners through the 29% Solution. Of course, we all benefited from our weekly gatherings to learn and become better people and mentors. What a great relationship-building experience and going more deeply into the BNI values along the way. When I joined BNI back in 2003, Allstate Insurance Agency’s Lynn McDonald was a founding member of Greater Memphis BNI. All these years later, we are still in the chapter, and mentoring new members is an important part of our contribution to the chapter. On a personal note, 2003 was when I began working on my first book, Integrity-Based Communications: Using Truth to Get What You Really want. I asked members to contribute a personal story that brought life to one of the 6 principles. Lynn was the only one who did so, and it has given great joy to both of us to reflect back on how she took me under her wing 17 years ago. Today, as couples, we are best friends. Looking at the group discount query above, I am going to recommend that each of the people taking a Passport Mentoring role be given a copy of this new book for advance appreciation, and demonstrating to all of our members – old and new – that “School’s never out for the pro!”

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