‘Networking Like A Pro’–5 Questions to Leave a Lasting Impression

My latest book, Networking Like A Pro: Turning Contacts Into Connections, which I co-authored with David Alexander, has officially been released–and it hit No. 1 on the Amazon.com Bestsellers list last week!NetworkingLikeAPro--Book Cover

Here is a brief peek at the kind of information we offer in Networking Like A Pro:


1. “What Do You Like Best about What You Do?” This leads to more interesting conversation about the other person’s business, his likes and dislikes, his experience and so forth.  This is a much better alternative than simply asking, “What do you do?” which doesn’t leave much room to maneuver after each networker has answered the question.

2. “You Mentioned that You Were in [Industry].  What Got You Started in that Direction?” This gives the other person a chance to talk about personal goals and desires and to look favorably on the asker.  It also gives insight into how dedicated she is to her profession and how proficient she may be at it.

3. “Where Else Do You Usually Network?” This helps break the ice during that awkward period just after introductions and offers the chance to talk about something common to both parties, creating an opportunity to make an instant connection.

4. “What Are Some of Your Biggest Challenges?” This can be used toward the end of the conversation.  It allows the opportunity to learn about the other party’s reasons, passion and motivation for being in her specific business in the first place.

5) “How Can I Help You?” If you decide the person you’re talking with is someone you’d like to have in your network, this is a good question to ask.  Being helpful is the best way to start building a solid relationship.

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