Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals

What is the one secret to success?  It is a question I receive often. The one secret is… there is no “one” secret.  Therefore, how can entrepreneurs achieve success? To be successful, there are four networking fundamentals that a business owner needs to focus on.

The Networking Fundamentals to Grow Your Business

  • Be Selective
  • Continuously add people to your network
  • Seek Engagement
  • Share Stories

The Secret to Success

Over my career, I have observed people with different personalities, backgrounds, and behavioral styles achieve success in life. Many times I wondered if there was a reoccurring theme running through their success stories that would clearly illustrate what creates success. Therefore, when I interviewed average business owners and entrepreneurs over the years, I asked them what they felt their secret to success was. They generally told me things like vision, goals, passion, persistence, and systems.

I then asked many highly successful people who had obtained great wealth or personal success in business, sports, or science. They generally told me that their secret to success involved things like vision, goals, passion, persistence, and systems. Sound familiar?

Everyone I interviewed or wrote about regarding the secret to success – from Buzz Aldrin to Erin Brockovich, from average businesspeople to undergraduate college students – gave me virtually the same answer. So if we all know what it takes to be successful…

Why are we all not as successful as we would like to be?

The truth is there is no great mystery. Very often, “success is simply the uncommon application of common knowledge.”

When you hear successful people talk about the secret of their success, have you noticed that you rarely hear any real secret? What you do hear about is their unwavering adherence to some system or approach they believed in and followed with intensity and determination. Successful people focus on the goal and work through or around everything else. In sports, this is called “keeping your eye on the ball.”  They do this with a passion and a vision.

Success comes to those who have not only a passion and a vision but who also have persistence and commitment to perform the fundamentals over and over, continuing to work and learn until they can perform these networking fundamentals flawlessly. In the end, we already know what our goals are and how to achieve them. This is common knowledge, and it’s been around for a long, long time. Success is learning and practicing the four networking fundamentals.

3 thoughts on “Networking Fundamentals

  1. As I embark on a new task: Retirement; I wonder at my Level of Success!
    Indeed, Determination to Succeed is Paramount.
    Having lost circa £250,000 in 1991 then reducing to £5Kpa from £30k, for almost 5 years, one needed Perseverance..
    Luck and Fate play parts in Everyones’s Lives but without the Conviction of Perseverance it may come to nought!
    Health and Happiness are Vital Goals Too: SO: ‘Work with a Plan : Avoid Stress if You Can!

  2. Success is result of unwavering carrying work one has selected . No need to have goal ,passion , commitment ,vision etc. Just do the work which has been thrown at . Either business, profession , service, research ,public service. No stopping the field chosen will lead to success

    1. without goal ,passion ,commitment,and vision u r not going to get success in any field .What u have said is like NO Brain only Hardwork will get u success .For example u r driving for business then as per your IDEA we have to drive in any direction of our choice without any goal then we will land in nowhere place .So better plan before start then u can see success is not far away from u

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